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“If you ask people what they ultimately want in life, they will usually say.. “LOVE”


ello I’m Brenda. I’m a daughter, mother, wife and sister. Born in Ecuador raised in Queens New York. like many of us, I was raised with busy parents who had very little time for home and love. Work was priority, and that meant I was often left to be raised on my own, or by others. Therefor I was left to learn “What is Love?”  on my own.


Growing up my heart yearned for something I could not name. In constant search for it I suffered from many heartbreaks, physical and emotional abuse, while experimenting with drugs and alcohol. Filled with anxiety and depression I made very bad life decisions.


Even so I always had a deep connection with myself and wisdom. Always hopeful, I would pick myself right back up and searched for self-help. With the help of  Therapist, Spiritual teachers and life Coaches I learn my reoccurring patterns and how to heal from them.

Eventually I healed and stoped depending on my partners and friends for my happiness. I came to understand that in order to create the relationship and happiness I’ve always dreamed of, the one I knew I deserved, I had to become the type of person I want to be with and want around me. I had to create my own happiness and love first.


My journey to becoming a Love Coach was born out of seeing my own manifestation come to reality. While Friends and  family asking me how I did it and how proud they are of me. Thats when I discovered my passion. My guidance and coaching them in Love and awareness make’s me happy and a better person. I can now say I’m living in purpose.

Let me help you create the life and love you desire!

After all isn’t that what we Ultimately want?

Let’s talk Love….



Bren XO


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