Loving Yourself in a Difficult Situation:



When life throws you a curveball, your first instinct isn’t to get right up and move forward with confidence. The opposite is most likely the case. You curl up in a ball and shut down. But you don’t have to go down that road. Loving yourself is an option even when you feel like life has you overwhelmed. You can rise above the pain. The first step is to take action in the path of self-love. In relationships, this is all the more important. It’s easy to feel rejected, unlovable, and awful after a breakup. I could even argue it’s normal. But once you accept these emotions, there is a way to move past them and get back to loving yourself during the hardest moments of your life. This post is all about how you can get back to loving yourself no matter what situation life throws your way helping you get back that feeling of Love which allows us all to move forward! Let’s first get one thing straight Love is an Action so laying in bed crying when things will get better will not get you any closer to happiness. Momentum is key here!

Second. You must distance yourself from what caused you this pain to beginning with, so all toxic people, Relationships, Bad habits must go!

Third. Excepting your emotions at the moment. Be mindful that all is temporary noting lasted forever, so what goes up, comes down and up again.

Four. Take time to feed your emotions correctly, allow cry time to happen. Crying is healing. Do daily positive affirmations and praying. You would be amazed the wonder of though shifting can do.



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  • After one coaching session with Brenda, she hit the nail on the head with multiple reasons why my love life has been in shambles. She listened attentively to my trials and tribulations and offered sound immediate solutions to get me started on my journey. Thank you and thank God for having put you on my path to the betterment of me. I look forward to continuously working with you!

    Yentl Pinales
  • Brenda definitely helped me get through a very hard time in my life. She is very empathetic and in tune spiritually. She doesn’t just give advice but coaches you along the way and goes through all the ups and downs of love. She definitely is a godsend and I would recommend her to anyone who may need some help or guidance with their love life.

    Juan Arenas

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