Removing toxic people from your life could be difficult. Either because “they’re family” or “We’ve been friends for years. I cant remove them from my life now.”

Why work with me?

I am a Certified Love Coach, Sexpert and Relationship specialist. More importantly, though, I’ve actually experienced this in my own life. Having once been in a 7 year, emotionally and physically abusive relationship and numerous toxic friendships, I can now say I have overcome big struggles and removed myself from those relationships.  I have learned what a healthy relationship means and I am now married to an amazing man, who physically and emotionally supports me everyday in every way.

So, I have created this program for those who need that extra support in pulling away from these types of relationships. If you work with me, I can provide you with the tools to help you grow and show you your worth!

Removing toxic individuals, coaching program includes:

  • 6 x 40-minute one-to-one coaching sessions via phone, Skype video , or Facebook Video chat, depending on your preference
  • Weekly review of your progress with tips + guidance to help you move forward
  • Recognize the warning signs of a toxic relationship
  • Dealing with toxic relationships
  • Improving your self esteem
  • Unlimited emails with me throughout the program
  • Intensive daily homework tasks to keep you clear and focused
  • Free resources that you can refer back to again + again


Let me help you stay true to yourself and your values!